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Seinfeld george dating

Just in – we documented all 16 of Kramer’s girlfriends, and all of Elaine’s boyfriends too!

Played by: Susan Diol Appears in The Nose Job George thinks that his girlfriend Audrey is beautiful, except for her large nose.

When Michael calls Elaine to find out where his wife is, he figures out that she is with George, causing him to exclaim “He’s finished!

” Played by: Heidi Swedberg First appears in The Pitch, last appears in The Betrayal, appears in 28 episodes Susan is George’s fiance for all of season seven who he met while pitching a sitcom for NBC (season 4).

George and Cynthia hit it off on their first date and end up having sex in George’s kitchen, which he says is always the most sociable room in the house.