Start Outlook calendar not updating

Outlook calendar not updating

Many people feel using i Tunes is too tedious, can be complicated and take a lot of time.

Step 2: Configure your PC to sync with i Phone calendar In the Akruto Sync main window click on Configure Akruto Sync.

Choose the connection type you want to use to sync calendar with Outlook.

Q: I can’t sync i Phone calendar with my desktop Outlook through i Cloud.

When I press sync it appears that syncing is in progress, but nothing happens even after few hours. A: Yes, Akruto Sync is a perfect alternative to the i Cloud when it comes to syncing Outlook data (except email).

That means you can be sure that none of your appointments will be duplicated.

Q: I don’t want Outlook to store my calendar data In the Cloud.

Q: My i Phone calendar is not syncing with Outlook calendar via Google.

Can I synchronize my appointments in some other way?

In this case you need to choose syncing over the Internet option.

The next few steps will guide you through choosing your operating system and setting up your calendar to sync with Outlook and i Phone.

With syncing over Wi-Fi network you can establish a connection within 3 minutes and transfer all calendar appointments in the blink of an eye.