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There is as yet no edition of the Rule that satisfies the requirements of modern criticism, though one is in process of preparation for the Vienna "Corpus" of Latin Ecclesiastical writers.

Hildemar, a Gallic monk, brought to Italy by Angelbert, Archbishop of Milan, reformed the monastery of Sts. Marténe, who considered this commentary to be the best ever produced, maintained that Hildemar was its real author, but modern critics attribute it to Paul Warnefrid. Rupert, near Bingen on the Rhine, who held that St.

of Metten, at Ratisbon in 1892, presenting in substance the text of St.

Gall manuscript, with the Low Latin element eliminated. Calmet gives a list of over a hundred and thirty such writers, and Ziegelbauer gives a similar list.

The earliest forms of Christian monachism were characterized by their extreme austerity and by their more or less eremetical nature. Anthony were purely eremetical, whilst those who followed the Rule of St.