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Is ciara and bow wow dating

Fans can catch more of Bow Wow on the second season of his reality show Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, which premieres January 11 on WE tv.

It didn't take long for a host of savvy social media users to spot the rather obvious edit that Bow Wow had made to the picture, which was altered to include an image of himself as a child sandwiched in between two of the artists originally featured in the snap, which was taken in the '90s and featured musicians who were signed to popular hip hop label Death Row Records.

And as if the awkward editing job wasn't embarrassing enough, the 30-year-old rapper, whose real name is Shad Moss, deepened the humiliation by adding the caption: 'Where it all started,' suggesting that he had actually been a part of the all-star line-up. Big was on bad boy my bros.' However, despite his claims, the original version of the image - which was taken for a Vibe Magazine cover shoot in 1996 - clearly shows that the young rapper was not included, and that the picture of his face was rather obviously edited into the snap.

His tweet immediately caught the attention of rap fans the world over, who were quick to point out that the image had clearly been altered to include the picture of his face, which appears to have been taken when he was a young teen. But this fact didn't appear to mean much to the rapper, who continued to tweet proof of his connection to Death Row Records, determined to prove that - while the image of him with the rappers might not be real - his connection to the label was very much real.

Mocking tweets were posted in droves in response to Bow Wow's original post, however even in the face of such harsh criticism, the rapper refused to admit the picture was fake - and even tried to defend himself by insisting that he had been sent it by a fan and that he was signed to the label at age six. After posting the Vibe Magazine photo, and his subsequent tweet defending it, he then shared an image of himself with Death Row Records artists Snoop Dogg and Dr.

Dre, which was taken in 1993 when the rappers made a stop in Bow Wow's hometown of Columbus, Ohio, during their Chronic Tour, according to AJC.

At the time, the tour manager asked if anyone wanted to come onstage, and Shad, as he was known as back then, was lifted up by his mother and her boyfriend onto the stage, where the then-five-year-old proceeded to wow the rappers with his freestyle skills.

‘s October issue, the star publicly addressed her relationship with the 32-year-old prince for the first time since he confirmed their relationship. “We’re two people who are really happy and in love.” The 36-year-old actress, who has been in a relationship for over a year and a half with the prince, also said the two dated quietly for six months before it became news.