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Dating while separated in ct

Kenneth "Ken" Barlow is a long-standing Coronation Street resident, having been born there in 1939 and living there ever since.

Ken started work as Assistant Personnel Officer at Amalgamated Steel, but soon quit as he hated it.

Ken was determined to pay for his keep at No.3 and stooped to asking neighbours Jack Walker and Dennis Tanner for a job, though they both turned him down.

In his youth, he aspired to escape his working class roots and was the first Street resident to go to University.

A History and English graduate, he began his professional life as an English teacher at Bessie Street School, remaining at his father's side in Weatherfield after Ida's death in a road accident in 1961. The marriage was mostly happy although Ken's ambitions were at odds with Valerie's contentedness with the lifestyle he wanted to leave behind.

In 1999, Ken reconciled with Deirdre, and they got married again in 2005, however she tragically passed away ten years later while staying with good friend Bev Unwin, leaving Ken widowed for the third time in his life.

In late 2016, Ken suffered a stroke, prompting his grandson Adam and son Daniel to make their way to Weatherfield to be with him.

During the early years of Ken's life, his dad Frank Barlow was away serving with the British forces in World War II - by the time the war ended Ken had already started at Bessie Street School, with Ida raising Ken and his younger brother David in Frank's absence.

Unlike most of his peers, Ken passed his eleven plus exam and entered grammar school.

Ken graduated with 2nd class honours in teaching History and English. The job of supporting Frank largely fell to Ken, as David now lived in London.

Ken turned down a teaching job in Surrey so he didn't have to leave Weatherfield, and told Frank he was turned down so Frank wouldn't feel guilty.

This was a learning experience for Ken, who had come from a working-class background and was now finding himself mixing with mainly the middle class.