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Aoi yuu dating

In order to not compromise their living situation, he suppresses his thoughts, and holds back from expressing his feelings for her, preferring to just protect her.

She is an otaku, and prefers falling in love with the guy character in the novels she reads, and has a fear of guys besides Mugi (who she thinks of more like a female friend) and his father (whom she gets a brief crush).

Tsukasa's schoolmate and buddy from America, Pepper is a blonde-haired girl who joins Tsukasa when she returns to Japan.

is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Toshihiko Kobayashi.

It was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine, then moved to Magazine Special in 2003.

In the end, when Aoi finally gets tired of Tetsu after hearing from him that he was getting an omiai, she resolves to leave but before she does completely, Tetsu catches up to her and asks her to come back to him, promising her that he would give her happiness.

Ken met her in Alaska when he was taking pictures during the Aurora Borealis, where she was mourning the third anniversary of her high school sweetheart’s death.

The story follows a similar plot to Kobayashi's earlier work Parallel.

16-year-old Mugi Tadano tries to shake off his latest heartbreak by working at his friend's aunt's beach-side inn.

Yuu and Tsukasa's mother visits and wants to take her back.

Tsukasa senses that Mugi likes Yuu, so she tries to set him up as much as she can. Kazumi tells Mugi that he likes Manami and wants to date her.

Mugi's classmate and childhood friend Manami shows interest in Mugi but later supports their relationship.