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Dating domestic violence king county

Detectives still reviewed the other cases, and victim advocate and services with the Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center, a project partner, were still available to them.

In that case, a domestic violence report was made before the project began, so the new assessment tool was not used. 29, 2017, almost a month into the project's second year, 65-year-old Laura Fruscella was killed.

( CLEVELAND, Ohio -- It has been more than a year since Cleveland police officers began measuring the level of potential danger when responding to domestic violence calls in two city districts.

About half of the 1,600 cases officers screened were "high risk" for serious harm or death.

That doesn't mean the assessments work, or that they don't. Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University are evaluating the local results. Whether we can take credit for that, I'm not sure," Smialek said.

"Trying to prevent a homicide is a very complicated landscape." Earley said she could tell the team was deflated, understandably so, after Fruscella's death. "I didn't want them to discount the work that was being done," Earley said.

Cleveland police in the city's 1st and 5th districts for more than a year have been screening domestic violence calls that involve couples or former couples to assess the risk for future danger or death.

Officers screened more than 1,600 cases by asking victims 11 questions and about half were deemed 'high risk.' A special team works on some of those cases where the victim consents.

In first month, October 2016, 80 cases were evaluated as "high risk." That trend continued, and by the end of September 2017 more than 650 cases deemed "high risk" were referred to the team.