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Who is dating mason musso

Much like a clandestine relationship, the pair have been hanging out ever since, but they chose to keep their reconciliation private instead of flaunting it to the world, at least not until they were both ready to go public.

Mason will also be at the City Walk Hard Rock Café for an exclusive meet and greet after the show for the first one hundred people who donate to Why Hunger.

University Drive in Fargo), or by calling 866-300-8300.

In April 2010, after months of rumors and whispers, Trace Cyrus took to Ustream and made the announcement fans dreaded: “As many of you already know, Metro Station is taking a break—and I think it’s a permanent break.” Wearing oversized sunglasses, sporting a pin-straight, asymmetrical haircut and rocking a jean jacket open enough to show his many chest tattoos, the singer/guitarist said the words with conviction. Cyrus had already started his own solo project, Ashland High, and while fellow Metro Station singer Mason Musso continued to produce music and perform under the existing moniker, the resurrection was half-hearted and intermittent, at best.

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