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But what if I told you there were a way to determine whether or not an email is valid without resorting to regular expressions at all? The activation email is a practice that’s been in use for years, but it’s often paired with complex validations that the email is formatted correctly.

We don’t want specialist knowledge or talent to go to waste.

In our daily rush we sometimes lose sight of what management is all about: creating the best team for the job at hand.

The result of sending an email to a badly formatted email address would be the same: it’ll get bounced. If you really want to do checking of email addresses right on the signup page, include a confirmation field so they have to type it twice.

If your user enters a bad email address, they won’t get the activation email and they’ll try to register again if they really care about using your site. Enterprising individuals will just copy and paste, but what it comes down to is this: if your user enters a bad email address, you shouldn’t make it more of a problem for yourself than you have to.

This titbit will become relevant when figuring out why your Management/Control plane may not be working at a later stage, since VCS talks to NSX Controllers from this IP, and thus things like OVSDB would also be handled on the Associated rbridge.

Next up, we need to deal with the VTEP on our VCS, which is where it gets interesting.

Brocade HW VTEP implementation supports two configurations for interfaces backing the VTEP: This brings us to a choice we need to make: which way to go?

Both ways, according to my contacts in the know, deliver the same functionality; so there are no benefits / drawbacks to help us decide.

Think about it this way: I register for your website under the email address . That’s probably going to bounce off of the illustrious mail daemon, but the formatting is fine; it’s a valid email address.

To fix this problem, you implement an activation system where, after registering, I am sent an email with a link I must click.

They are also simpler to script configuration for, since we’re using the same IP address on all rbridges.