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Bisexual adult chat

Someone who will keep an open mind to the fact that even good men find themselves in unfortunate situations. CRIMES: Assault DOB: 4-20-94HEIGHT: 5-foot-11 WEIGHT: 185 EYES: Blue HAIR: Brown RACE: Native American TATTOOS: Yes HOMETOWN: Salem, ORWANTING TO WRITE: Gay and straight men and women HIV/AIDS Negative ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus MUSIC INTEREST: All types OTHER INTEREST: Sports, cars, woodshop, drawing, the outdoors COMMENTARY: I am an active 22-year-old who likes to work out and playsports.

I'm easy to talk with and like writing and reading erotic stories. I was born in Walla Walla and moved to Idaho when I was17 when I began experimenting with drugs. I have about 1 and 1/2 years left on my term before being released. CRIMES: Attempted murder, 3 counts assault, aggravated harassment DOB: 9-25-70HEIGHT: 5-foot-11 WEIGHT: 190 EYES: Brown HAIR: Brown RACE: Mixed TATTOOS: Yes HOMETOWN: Portland, ORWANTING TO WRITE: Gay and straight guys and gals HIV/AIDS Negative ZODIAC SIGN: Libra MUSIC INTEREST: R&B, country, rap, oldies, some rock OTHER INTEREST: Working out, reading, writing, basketball, music COMMENTARY: My name is Gano and I've made some bad choices in life, butthat doesn't make me a bad person. I am patient, outgoing, respectful, kind and honest individual who loves to write, meet new and unique people.

I have three years left on my time in prison and am looking to make some new friends and cool people. CRIMES: Child porn, attempted enticement of a minor DOB: 12-19-81HEIGHT: 6-foot-1 WEIGHT: 265 EYES: Blue HAIR: Blond RACE: White TATTOOS: No HOMETOWN: Seaford, DEWANTING TO WRITE: Gay and straight guys and gals HIV/AIDS Negative ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius MUSIC INTEREST: Alternative rock, pop rock, classic rock, country, blues, etc.

OTHER INTEREST: Sports, football, baseball, NASCAR, music, playing guitar COMMENTARY: I am a small town guy from rural lower Delaware.

I like to read books, esspecially educational,fitness or foreign language studies.

I enjoy going to the movies, music concerts or just spending time outdoors.

If you use email please be sure to include your snail mail return address within the body of your email.

Check the Texas DOC for my current snail mail address.

CRIMES: Sodomy, sex abuse DOB: 12-6-87HEIGHT: 6-foot-2 WEIGHT: 190 EYES: Hazel HAIR: Brown RACE: White TATTOOS: Yes HOMETOWN: Kiev, Ukraine WANTING TO WRITE: Gay guys in U. and international HIV/AIDS Negative ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius MUSIC INTEREST: Pop, R&B, rock, hip hop OTHER INTEREST: Reading, travel, outdoors, fitness, cooking COMMENTARY: My name is Vlad and I am 27 and originally from Eastern Europe.