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If I can't get this issue solved in order to stage my sites offline while working on it, I won't be able to use In Motion Hosting at all.

With an exceptional history dating back to 640 BC and a magnificent nature, Gümüşlük continues to be the gem of the peninsula admired by intellectuals and art-lovers.

Close to everywhere yet also far away from the hassle, this unpretentious and tranquil spot was the only exceptional location where we could realize Eco Farmhouses Project.

In 1993 they added the " Tent and Breakfast" a unique overnight accommodation allowing visitors to spend the night in the ‘blast zone’.

This was the only one of its kind, allowing visitors a chance to do more than view the eruption, but to experience the changing landscape and rebirth.

If it has been longer than 24 hours, you need to clear your local DNS cache.

Thank you, John-Paul Hello Majid, As that is something on your local system, it is not something we can troubleshoot from here.

Eco Farmhouses Project consists of 9 farm houses including a modest dairy and a vegetable garden.

The most significant aspect of the Eco Farmhouses project is that it harbors serenity in its heart – welcoming the day with roosters’ crows from the village and bidding farewell to the sun with enchanting sounds of the birds every evening.

Hello Manly Electronics, You would put the following info into your Host File: Then you would visit and it will load automatically.

Inmotion rep stated to save the new hosts file as txt, but all other file in Hosts folder display "file." When I save the changed hosts file do I save as or file?

About the Project Close What would you call a house? With its unique location and peaceful spirit, Eco Farmhouses Project is built on a philosophy molded by the magical history of Gümüşlük coupled with its ecological lifestyle. Simply because recent years’ urbanization, witnessed almost in all the towns of Bodrum Peninsula, has failed to impact Gümüşlük.