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Video dating disaster

The video will be released once the public docket for this incident is opened in the next few months, according to the NTSB.

Without any form of power, cooling systems failed and three of the plant’s six nuclear reactors started to melt down.

Explosive hydrogen gas built up, blowing holes in the reactor containment buildings and allowing radioactivity to escape.

They will also finish talking to air traffic controllers by Wednesday about the potentially deadly incident.

In addition, federal officials have already recovered the flight's data recorder and security camera video from SFO of the incident approach.

The video also includes audio from the flight control tower.

The pilot asks if it's ok to land on the runway because 'I can see lights,' indicating planes New data obtained by The Mercury News reveals that the Air Canada plane was at roughly 106 feet in the air when it flew over the second fully loaded Philippine Airlines jet that was in the second place on the runway waiting for take off.

The Air Canada plane was still continuing its descent when the pilot was told to abort the landing.