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'It must have been a dream of some kind, some sort of weird dream phenomenon.' He thought it was best just to focus on getting ready to leave so he could study for his exam. Dee entered the kitchen wearing her black nightgown, "John, you need to take out the trash." "Yeah I'm just going to get ready to leave first.", John replied. Dee staring him down, he felt like he was having deja vú. John saw a pretty blonde wearing a red dress walking down the street, she wore a red skirt with a white shirt, with bright lipstick but looked like she was in her thirties. John looked down at his feet, and a second later they had passed each other. No big deal, he usually drives this bus route on Mondays. This wasn't right, John had never got any female attention in his life. that's got to be it.' But a quick detour to the bathroom to check the mirror proved there was nothing wrong with him. It reminded John of that one time he went to a college party and talked to a pretty dutch foreign girl who actually enjoyed talking to him for some reason. it's okay, watch where you're going." John helped her with picking up the books.

'This must be how those good looking frat guys feel all the time,' He thought. Jackson the old history teacher talked about the Battle of Gettysburg and Abraham Lincoln, all extremely boring topics for John.

The worst part was that Mrs Jackson talked so slowly that five minutes worth of content took her the entire hour to explain.

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