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Farmers dating kentucky

The county its self states that, “Bourbon Countians feel confident that bourbon whiskey was first distilled intheir county by one of several early settlers, most likely Jacob Spears (Welcome).” Of course that is not the only legend that has been spread over the 200 years since that time but it is the most common.

Or, as we [Kentucky Distillers Association] like to say, “America’s Official Native Spirit” (The Story Behind The Spirit par.8).” So after all of that time bourbon had finally made a mark on not only Kentucky but also the United States as a whole.

Even after reading this I was still a bit confused.

There are many aspects that make up Kentucky’s rich heritage and culture.

One of these aspects that dates back over 200 years is the art of making and distributing delicious amber colored bourbon and whiskey.

Many people get confused due to the fact that bourbon is no longer made in that county.

The name was originally Bourbon County whiskey but after so many years that name had shortened into simply bourbon.” The information that Veach had given me cleared up the story of how bourbon had gotten its name and before the interview was over he added the comment, “No matter what they call bourbon it is one of the greatest things that had come out of this state and has had a tremendous impact on the way that people all over the world drink.” As bourbon began to become more popular throughout time the founders of popular drinks like, Jim Beam and Wild Turkey, created the Kentucky Distillers Association also known as KDA.

During this time is when the first settlers were moving in and through the neighboring state from western Pennsylvania.