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Yes, those little charming one liners can be seductive and his suave personality can be attractive, but you will always be an option and never be a priority, warns Orange County Singles dating and relationship experts.

This type of man needs to be in control of everything in his life, including you.

For example, he might show signs that he also feels infatuated, but the moment you bring up commitment, he pulls away from you and acts like he never even met you.

If this man comes into your life, don’t punish yourself because of his sudden change of heart.

Simply introduce yourself to the people in the room and be yourself.

You’ll quickly discover that when you are friendly, open, and even a little flirtatious when you chat with local singles, they will welcome you with open arms. Is he the man with whom you were meant to spend the rest of your days?

He is simply a scared little boy trapped in a man’s body—and he’s not worth your time.

Everyone has met this type of man, the flirt—also known as the classic player.

If he has started ordering you around and trying to manipulate you, it’s time to get out right now, warns Orange County Singles.