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Updating mobileme calendar

In this book, I’m focusing on i Cloud, rather than working with i Cal or the i OS Calendar app, so I’ll deal mostly with working with events on the i Cloud website, rather than in the Mac or i OS programs.

To create a calendar on a Mac: Using Alternative Calendar Programs with i Cloud Just because i Cal comes with Mac OS X, that doesn’t mean that it’s universally beloved, or even especially liked, by people who are heavy calendar users.

For those people (like me) who have been using calendars on a computer for a very long time, and have used excellent calendar programs over the years, i Cal is too limited, too lowest-common-denominator, for our comfort.

Mobile Me comprises of web-based applications that not only synchronize with their desktop counterparts, but also "pushes" updates to other computers including calendar appointments, address book entries and Safari bookmarks.

Windows-based PC's and Apple's OS X can be used to synchronize this information between platforms.

Touch Settings - ON If prompted, choose “Merge with Mobile Me” so the contacts, calendars, and bookmarks already on your i Phone sync with Mobile Me.

Turning ON all of the features will ensure you get the most out of your Mobile Me subscription.

But probably the most useful feature of i Cloud calendaring is that you can share your calendars with family, friends, and colleagues.