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Online dating sailing

However, Erica said the site does automatically block certain nations known for spamming and cybercrime.

Secure in a close-knit community, sailors exchange greetings and invite one another to join them on their next voyage.

Launched in 2004, Lovesail is a friendly vessel for daters to meet one another.

“I was inspired as I’ve always loved yachts, yachting, and yachties!

“My members are often witty, intelligent, interesting, and resourceful people who are passionate about nature,” Erica said.

“I identify with my membership, and many of them have engaged in correspondence with me and become personal friends.” A lot of the content on Lovesail is member profiles, but there are also sections where admins and users can post about sailing events.

“We sailors are already sociable and wrapped up in the romance of sailing and the sea,” Erica explained.

“With these traits, I’m helping my members to meet — and the rest, I will leave to human nature.” Lovesail welcomes a diverse crew of sailing enthusiasts to its streamlined dating network.

She was sick of general dating websites full of landlubbers and couch potatoes.