Start Updating wii mod chip

Updating wii mod chip

nandpro usb: -r16 nandpro usb: -r16 nanddump2*Note: for BB (Big Block) Jaspers (Jaspers with internal memory units of 256MB or 512MB) Change the commands to…

Have a nice day) (image – recommended flashing method)Copy and from 360_Multi_Builder\Datato a USB key If the console is still running, with Xe LL on screen, insert the USB key now.

Xe LL-Reloaded will find and use it to flash nandflash.binto your NAND.

As you can see above, your CPU Key is made up of two fuseset lines, i.e 03 05, or 03 06, ect.

Your LDV (Lock Down Value) starts on line 07, the amount of f’s = the value, so in the above image, the LDV value is 2 For more info regarding LDV, check out Martin C’s post (info)Move cpukey.txtto…360_Multi_Builder\Data\my360Launch 360 Multi Builder again and press the number corresponding your motherboard revision.

This is needed in order to be able to communicate with the NAND) Now, on your computer, open a command prompt and navigate to…

C:\nandpro3 Do that by hitting the start button, typing cmd and hitting Enter. Or.., hold the Shift key, and Right Click on a blank space inside the nandpro3 folder, then click “Open Command window here” Now type (or Copy and Paste) the following commands, into the command window (same command for Phats or Slims, see Note) This will dump/read your entire 16MB NAND twice, and save the dumps/files in the nandpro3 folder.

Printer friendly, quick install guides (A4 paper, 300dpi) (LINK)Various other install methods and tips (LINK) Once you have the above items connected, turn on the console.

(you do not need to boot with the eject button, because the console will only boot into Xe LL (Xenon Linux Loader) at this time) You should see a constant Red LED on the Cool Runner as soon as you connect power to the console, joined by a flashing Green LED when you turn it on.

Nand Pro xsvf: Nand Pro xsvf: Nand Pro xsvf: Nand Pro xsvf: Nand Pro xsvf: Once the Cool Runner is programmed, it will say “Successfully executed file“, in the command prompt window, and the Green LED will turn off.

Now disconnect the Cool Runner from the NAND-X, and move switch to NOR (Normal) Also make sure that the other switch is now set to the correct position for your console type (Phat or Slim) Now that you have good/matching NAND dumps, you have programmed the Cool Runner, and have created the Xell/ECC Glitch image, this is probably the best time to install the chip.

You can use this time to put the motherboard back in the cage, and reconnect your HDD, and DVD drive. You are now running a hacked dash If all is well, fully reassemble the console.