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Roulette style sex chat

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I’m planning to start using the pump this weekend as a little sexy surprise treat to turn up the heat for my partner’s birthday.

When he opens his gift and then my bigger gift I want him to be stunned by the size and beauty of my cock (and yes I will probably play Joe Budden’s “Pump It Up”, lol! So, for starters I thought that I would only need a penis pump, but it turns out that there are several materials to get started.

I don’t know why but somehow laughter is a big turn on with us – good match I guess!

So, that’s pretty much, in a nut shell, exactly the steps I plan on following to prepare for the epic b-day surprise.

” I asked one acquaintance of mine but he took it as an insult.

He fell over himself explaining that he didn’t need it and that he’s always been well hung without any help. This is why I’m going to share what I’ve learned with you good people.

Penis pumps give us guys a chance to do something fun and dress up our penis a bit, and that’s cool.

I’ve been looking for some info to get started in my penis enlarging efforts using a pump.

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When you start, you have to be dedicated and pump every day.