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Dating don39ts

As an empathic psychic Tarot channel 35 yrs, my studio is on a tree tunneled lane of stone angels, kinetic wind spinners and Angel gardens.

2]The Host should get clear payment instructions from the Psychic on how they want to be paid and how much per reading.

Do they want to be paid in advance, or in the room they are reading in?

Of course payment must be discussed prior and there are many options which your reader will discuss with you.

It is your job to make sure your guests know this information as well.


In many cases it takes time to process the unique opportunity for a reading by "Psychic Virgins." It may take the entire length of the party, in fact, for some to get up the nerve and have a reading.

DO GIVE READING APPOINTMENTS SO EACH GUEST KNOWS WHEN THEIR READING IS A common Psychic Party mistake with unscheduled readings is people will stand in line outside a closed room where the psychic is reading in, waiting for up to an hour for the person before them to finish.

At this point the Psychic Party attendee walks away impatiently, only to find that when they return their place in line has been taken by someone else.

The host should prevent this from happening by giving scheduled appointment times, so people can relax, socialize and flow in and out of the reading room.

OTHER DOS AND DON'TS OF A SUCCESSFUL PSYCHIC PARTY 1} The Host should place a flyer or invitation out with clear information about the experience of the psychic, a website where the psychic can be researched, and ask for those interested to call to schedule an appointment time.

Home Parties offer privacy and mystery, taverns offer loose money and noise, and Skype offers Phenomenal readers from afar by web cam. Depending on the setting, the privacy of the reading changes.