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Firms often have to pay for collecting payments via credit card, but only at a tiny percentage rate, and many have been making a fortune out of customers by billing them excessively for the privilege of paying with plastic.

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Retailers are planning to introduce new charges to sneak around a ban on rip-off credit card fees, it is claimed.

New rules from January 13 are to prohibit the addition of extra charges, which have been levied at up to three per cent, when customers pay by credit card.

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According to the newspaper, the source said: ‘We agreed to increase all our prices by whatever amount we calculate will cover the cost of the fees we are charged by Visa, Mastercard and American Express.‘We estimate that removing the surcharge will result in a significant shift away from payments by debit card and bank transfer so the increase [in extra costs] will be greater than the current credit card surcharge.’Takeaway meal giant Just Eat is complying with the new law by scrapping a 50 card surcharge – but is introducing a new ‘service charge’ of 50p for every customer, including those using cash, because it ‘ensures fairness for all’. Consumer expert Gareth Shaw said: ‘These new rules should finally put an end to consumers paying excessive surcharges and additional fees just for using their cards.‘Trading Standards must make sure this ban is enforced across the board and that businesses can’t find sneaky ways around it.’And spokesman for the Fairer Finance campaign group James Daley said of the coming change: ‘It will mean prices will go up for customers and those who pay in cash will be worse off as a result.

HMRC has also said it is stopping accepting credit cards because it cannot afford to pay the fees without charging for them. However, the new system will be fairer and more transparent and is still a victory to consumers.’A spokesman for the Treasury said: ‘Banning surcharging will help protect consumers from rip-off charges.‘Pricing is a commercial decision for individual businesses and the ban will make it easier for consumers to compare prices and choose the right deal for them.’A spokesperson for Just Eat said: "At Just Eat, we always ensure we comply with all relevant legislation.

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