Start Dating a fat girl

Dating a fat girl

The end result is that women simply have more choice, and can afford to have higher standards than men.

Ergo, men are more likely to settle for someone who is less attractive due to being overweight, rather than remain alone, and women generally can afford to wait for someone who is more physically attractive, due to having more choice.

Obviously, again, there are exceptions to every rule, I am speaking in some major generalities here.

see I'm getting hard just typing this I've been told i have a great body, I'm a surfer thats my thing...

It seems to me its mostly the bigger ladies who get lucky with dating skinny guys.

Some people genuinely do find overweight people more attractive, and some people really just don't care.

Women generally have higher standards than men when selecting a partner, for reasons that are probably partly rooted in basic biology (in that raising a child is a hard thing to do alone if they get this selection wrong) and partly rooted in how society is structured today in that as a general rule, men are still expected to take a more active role in pursuing potential partners.

Where I live I barely ever see a fat guy dating a skinny girl unless if it is some renta bride from overseas. Ie why don't girls want to date a fat guy yet some how think a skinny guy dating a larger women is perfectly normal. I'm actually one of those "skinny" guys that loves to have sex with bigger girls idk just something about a girl with some meat and love lumps on her turns me on...