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“It makes it even more important for me to have a supportive SO because they kind of have to outweigh the negativity she creates in my life.” Finding someone who will be there for you, toxic parents or not, is extremely valuable and will put a true test to your relationship.

“My mom is emotionally abusive and it definitely affects my dating dynamics,” says Emma*, a junior at the University of Alabama.

“I think while dating, especially in a long-term relationship where you think about wanting to be with someone forever, it's important to keep your relationship between just the two of you and not get toxic families and their opinions involved,” Jenna says.

“But, if it's a constant argument and makes the relationship toxic too, you have to take a step back and see if this is really worth the fight.” If you’re able to put the issues aside and become closer, you know you and your SO are in it for the long haul.

But in the absence of tangible “you’re hurting yourself and risking life-long sorrow” reasons? Good parenting means giving your kids the tools to make good decisions, NOT making decisions for them.