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This is due in part to a workmanlike, low-profile approach to recording and releasing music, despite time served in the mighty Skullflower.

First has produced perhaps one of the first folk-music responses to the era of Trump and right-wing populism. The synth-like otherworldly sounds First coaxes out of his instrument are a revelation -- he has done nothing less than reinvent the harmonica.

Organic, soulful, melancholy and uplifting, Civil War Songs is protest music made for these times.

On Études for Acoustic Guitar, First twists and bends notes from his steel-string acoustic guitar, an instrument traditionally associated with American folk, country and blues music.

Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering (Grouper, Sublime Frequencies, Mississippi Records).

Includes free mp3 download of Sleeping/Wandering 7" EP extras. This limited edition 7" EP contains extended and alternate versions of the tracks "Sleeping Green-Eyed Girl", from the recent "To The Centre..." limited edition cassette released by UK label Invisible City and "Wandering June", from the self-released and now sold out "Tile II" limited edition cassette.

The alternate version of “Sleeping Green-Eyed Girl” showcases Luciernagas penchant for constructing beautifully expansive work from a core of shimmering drones and occasionally dissonant passages.

"The union of warped avant pop maestro Ariel Pink and the shapeshifting surrealists and Mutant Sounds blog co-authors in Vas Deferens Organization, Shits And Giggles is an inspired and unprecedented collision of two distinct and fully formed galaxies of advanced dream logic art fuck, with Ariels hazy/glazy universe of dissociative pop song rupture and advanced command of psychedelic song structure a virtual playpen for the pranksters in VDO to jerry-rig with plunderphonic joy buzzers, synth punk trap doors, kosmiche time machines and an embrace of willful illogic; a psychotropic melee onto whose exoskeleton has been grafted unexpected episodes of luminous grace from legendary free jazz trumpeter Dennis Gonzalez and his son, bassist Aaron Gonzalez." -F. He has straddled the international noise underground and the academic-centered modern composition scenes since the early 1990s.