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On the other hand, there are men who have never even thought about dating a trans woman before but who are open-minded when they meet one they like. I’ve had three serious relationships in my 20s with men who had never dated a trans woman before. For better or worse, more and more men seem happy to treat trans women with the same level of respect – or crap – as any other woman. I know you mean well, but being trans isn’t my “sexuality”. Sexuality is who you want to go to bed with – gender is who you want to go to bed as.

Many of them are open about it these days, but sadly some men still feel ashamed of their desires.

I won’t lie, as a trans person it’s going to be a lot more complicated. That said, I know it can still feel pretty hopeless for many of my friends, particular those who transitioned later in life. For me, there is no option about whether to disclose my trans history or not - my face, my body, is like a big ol' sign, and anyone that spares me more than a momentary glance can tell pretty rapidly what my background is. Many trans women suffer violence when the men they’re dating discover their ‘fun fact’. Guys on Tinder who try and do the whole "All the girls I've met on here are so boring" thing..

One woman contacted me to say: “I've kinda given up on dating - no one treats me as date-able, either in person or online. Also, having had a couple of horrid, violent, real-life experiences I'm now too scared to meet anyone new.” It breaks my heart reading this and I’m truly sorry that you’ve had such an awful experience of dating. This is not just about trans bodies either, it's about ALL bodies. #findyourhappiness #liveyourtruth #respectintimacy Sunday thoughts. oh but when you tell them the news my sisters D— Paris Lees (@parislees) August 1, 2017 Oh God, don’t ask me. I prefer to be upfront, but I’m sort of famous-ish.

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