Start Is jeff probst still dating survivor contestant

Is jeff probst still dating survivor contestant

In June, Probst inked a deal to host a one-hour daytime talk show on CBS.

Let’s start with your initial reaction when Jeff said that at Tribal Council. And if you watch the reaction at Tribal, Zeke’s tribemates seemed to go thru the same moment. And while they were sharing their feelings with Varner, I was still running it in my head. In 34 seasons of , I have rarely, if ever, personally commented on what is said or done in the game.

But as a viewer to that moment, I found his ability to still find some level of humanity for someone who had just injured him so severely, maybe his crowning moment.

And there is another moment that I hope was as inspiring for others as it was for me, and that was when Sarah told Zeke she was glad she got to know Zeke for who Zeke is and would never see him any other way.

When you spoke with Zeke before his first season during the interview process, did the subject ever come up in terms of whether he planned to tell players he was trans and how he would handle it if someone brought it up? It wasn’t until after he left that I was told he was transgender.