Start Vb net validating event

Vb net validating event

I’m going to use the same values I was using in the previous post.

Using snapshots lets you keep history for a blob, allowing you to revert to a previous version.

In this blog entry, we’ll upload a blob, set the metadata, then take a snapshot. Then we’ll examine the snapshot, see how to promote it, and how to delete it.

You’ve also learned how to promote a snapshot to a regular blo, and how to delete a snapshot.

In the next article, I’ll show you how to manage blob leases using Power Shell.

Let’s save the list to a variable, then loop through the list and show the snapshot date/time and the filename from the metadata for each entry.

I’m not going to show blob name, because they’re all the same.

Notice the base blob has the same metadata as the last snapshot.

This makes sense, as we uploaded 3 files, set the metadata, and took snapshots after each one. Snapshot Time to get the date/time stamp so we can verify that’s the one removed.

You’ll see the base blob now matches the snapshot you selected. In this article, you’ve seen how to create and view snapshots for a blob.

Print out the URI so you can copy it and paste it into the browser. This allows you to retain the history of changes, and retrieve a prior value if needed.

I’m going to create a new container called “snapshots”, and set the access level to “Blob”, which means the container will provide public access to the blobs.