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The camera may be in the card reader, mounted at the top of the ATM, or even just to the side inside a plastic case holding brochures.

Most of the time, the attackers will also place a hidden camera somewhere in the vicinity with a view of the number pad in order to record personal-identification-numbers, or PINs.

Every swipe is read as a keyboard entry, with no extra setup required.

More advanced devices to steal your information are installed by criminals directly on to ATMs and credit card readers.

These are called skimmers, and if you're careful you can keep from being victimized by these insidious devices. Skimmers are are essentially malicious card readers that grab the data off the card's magnetic stripe attached to the real payment terminals so that they can harvest data from every person that swipes their cards.

The thief has to come back to the compromised machine to pick up the file containing all the stolen data, but with that information in hand he can create cloned cards or just break into bank accounts to steal money.

The moment I started seriously worrying about credit card and debit card skimmers wasn't when my entire bank account was transferred to Turkey, or when I had to get three credit cards in two months because of fraudulent charges.

It was when I learned that stealing a credit card number is as easy as plugging in a magnetic strip reader into a computer and opening a word processor.

The ATM inside a grocery store or restaurant is generally safer than the one that is outside on the sidewalk.