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Donna straps a curved plastic plate with exposed metal strips onto Cecilia's pussy, and then clamps electrified forceps-looking-things onto Cecilia's nipples.

Then I actually watched three of the shoots, and I have to say that I am impressed.

Cecilia Vega apparently has a remarkably high tolerance for pain and all three of her shoots had stunning stand-out segments.

Her ankles are also shackled and chained to the wall behind her.

Cecilia Vega demonstrates an extremely high pain tolerance.

And there's a blonde question mark by her blonde head.

So no, she doesn't know what it means...which is why she rings the bell, to find out :) Perhaps GIMP to a blonde babe could mean "Gosh I'm Pretty!

I was not expecting , and I think Cecilia was probably just as surprised. But there is one more set-up with Cecilia in a straitjacket, which covers her entire upper body. Princess Donna uses the purple wand to shock her all over.