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Both were special cases: Eve was the mother of the human race, and Rebekkah was the mother of the Hebrew nation.

Kissing, hugging and handholding are good indicators of physical compatibility; take these away and a guy has no clue whether he’s marrying a red-hot tiger or a cold fish.

A nice fellow may be seen as a wolf simply for asking a girl on a date.

The prospect of marriage is frightening to the average 16-year-old boy. Some even declined to hold hands before their nuptials.

This crazy teaching has its genesis in Genesis: the only two occasions in scripture when God provided a specific wife for a specific man.

God gave Eve to Adam and provided Rebekkah for Isaac.

They fall in love, and then pray intently: “God, is this the one you have prepared for me? Hearing nothing, they have two choices: walk away from a perfectly acceptable mate, or marry under a cloud of fear, terrified that they’re outside of God’s will.

Once problems crop up in the marriage, a Christian woman will sometimes think, “God never clearly told me that Brad was THE ONE. My marriage to Brad was not God’s will.” The Deceiver has given the woman a theological basis for leaving her husband.

Boys get tired of losing in church – and so they withdraw as soon as they’re given the chance.