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The mesorhombencephalic projects to other monoaminergic nuclei, the cerebellum and a fine projection descends to other tegmental nuclei as far as the inferior olive.

Fibers to the spinal cord have not been demonstrated. Prefrontal, orbitofrental (insular) and cingulate cortices receive the most marked innervation from the VTA.

This film, however, only has Viv in one scene; most of the film is stolen by Monica Roccaforte.

Since I don't see the film listed anywhere in this thread already, here it is. Bruno SX, Monica Roccaforte, Silvio Evangelista Scene 7.

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The VTA contains the A10 group of DA containing neurons.

The role of the VTA as a mediator of dialogue with the frontostriatal and limbic/extrapyramidal system is discussed under the theme of circuit systems.