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He’d finished it the day before, and I desperately needed to talk about the feelings I had after it was all said and done. It wasn’t a question, and it must have been obvious.

Games, like all art, are a product of the era in which they were created.

So with that in mind, we put less emphasis on whether decades-old games can “hold up” against the modern AAA greats, and placed more importance on how incredible that gaming experience felt in its own era.

Inside these pages you’ll find our selections for the 100 Greatest Games Ever Made.

It lost the James Bond license, but it added even more weapons, modes, and some of the most robust multiplayer options around – even by today’s standards.

It creates such a powerful rush of pure bliss - the music blaring, the enemy troops exploding…

and most important of all, the knowledge that you’d finally broken through an entrenched enemy position.

Alone in a meeting room for an hour, we talked about The Walking Dead like we were at a funeral.