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Brisol palin dating

While Palin does not accuse former boyfriend Levi Johnston of rape in “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far,” her account of the night she lost her virginity certainly sounds nonconsensual. She doesn’t use the word “rape” anywhere in her book, but what she describes seems to be just that. If Palin’s story is accurate, then what she appears to be describing is a nonconsensual — and likely illegal — assault.

If survivors are going to suffer, they should not do it in silence.

Sexual experiences shouldn’t feel “stolen.” Young women need to know that if they didn’t want to have sex, and if they didn’t say yes, then what happened to them was wrong and illegal.

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The young mother turned reality TV star is a bundle of contradictions — or hypocrisies, depending on whom you talk to.

She is accused of being opportunistic and of lying about what happened to throw sympathy her way and bolster her image as a “good girl.” Popular sex columnist Dan Savage has written that he doesn’t believe Bristol’s account (though he’s careful to write that it’s not because he thinks “boys like Levi” are incapable of rape). We shouldn’t point to her past publicity or what she has to “gain” by lying, because that’s exactly what’s done to rape victims the world over, again and again.