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Who is uberhaxornova dating

It was also during this time that the Creatures played Terraria together with the Yogscast for Christmas.

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Then clicking the big red edit button will do the trick and allow you to add information to your leisure James "Uber Haxor Nova" Wilson is one half of the Cow Chop duo, along with Aleks.

The series became so popular that the creator (Jim Bonacci aka.

"Im Angry Man") of the game itself tried to contact James.

He got to know the Creatures when one of James' series, a solo playthrough of Dead Rising 2, eventually evolved into a multiplayer series featuring Sp00nerism .

Following this series, James and Sp00n came to create several multiplayer series together.

Sometime in late 2014, Sly's long time best friend Aleks, better known as Immortal HD on the internet, joined the Creatures by accident through a misinterpreted joke by the fans.

He created content with the group for some time at that point and lived with Sly in a house.

Having uploaded videos for Machinima since late 2008, he finally stopped doing so in 2014 (Though he later did videos for Machinima's subsidary company, Polaris).

In 2010 James officially joined the Creatures, a group he has a long history with and gained most of his fame on You Tube with.

Several of the thumbnails for his You Tube videos feature a stretched image of Kenan Thompson. On May 19th, 2015, he appeared in a video with Pew Die Pie.