Start Online dating for 30 s

Online dating for 30 s

The single men (or single women) that you meet seem to fall short of your expectations, right?

Also any newer app (bumble) is also going to be packed with fake profiles to trick you into signing up.

And ladies – a cheating man isn’t going to pay for a match subscription just to lead you on and get laid.

Are you ready to take the online dating plunge, but aren’t quite sure of the in’s, out’s and what have you’s ?

Then take a read through my extremely detailed comprehensive list (sarcasm) that I’ve made up after going on 80 online dates.

It’s only natural to feel like you want to swear off love forever.

However, you know deep in your heart that you don’t truly mean it.

Know what you want Generally by now you should have an idea of what you like in a partner.

Previous relationships have taught you what you like and dislike about potential partners so do your best to screen for this before meeting.

Pictures are rarely accurate, accept it 80/20 rule applies here – 80% of the time they’ll look a little worse and 20% of the time they’ll look a little better.

Often the variance isn’t big enough to sway your opinion but you will have people who blatantly lie.

Take it from me, going on aimless and endless dates during the week gets old and tiring pretty quick.