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"It was also an opportunity for those experiencing unsheltered homelessness to experience the Super Bowl" because there were TVs to watch the game at the shelter.

The city spent years preparing for the 2006 game and many of those preparations live on in Detroit nearly a decade after the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks.

While the Super Bowl and its national spotlight was no miracle-cure for the city's ailments, some peg it as a catalyst for today's surge of redevelopment in Detroit.

This home has a large 3 car garage â hard to find in the West End!

Around the corner is access to the amenities of Fairview Park and the bike/walking trail to Rock Springs!

By 2009, just before their funding was cut by the state, the NSO had grown to be a 24-hour response team that staffed 35 people.

In 2009, they helped 893 people gain access to shelters and mental health care.

The group was a four-person response team created to engage with "individuals experiencing homelessness" in downtown Detroit.

Essentially, Project Helping Hands was created to prevent people from panhandling to visitors to the city, improving Detroit's image, Petrusak said.

The sheer volume of people that would be flocking to the city in the weeks leading up to the game was enough to spur some action from city and state officials as well as local business owners, according to Pierce "Super Bowl was really the first time in a long time that the national spot light was on Detroit," Pierce said.

There was a sort of popcorn effect in the city, Pierce said.

Looking back, he doesn't fault the city or state for taking action while in the national spotlight. "We were managing homelessness back then." Petrusak jokes that in order to really help the homeless in Detroit, the city needs another Super Bowl.