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Bob jones dating

The White Glove days are once a semester; immediately before Thanksgiving first semester, and about half-way through second semester if I recall correctly.

Reality: This was true until 1990 (uncertain of the exact time).

Reality: This was true at one time in the past (10-15 years or more) when students were not allowed to date to breakfast.

Side note on meals: before 1988, many meals (dinner every weekday, and the Sunday noon meal) were "family-style," meaning you were seated at an assigned table and served as if you were at a restaurant.

In 1988 or so, there was a change to only one family-style meal a week: noon on Sunday.

Now, due to financial issues, time restraints, and seating capacity, even the Sunday noon meal is buffet or cafeteria-style.

I personally wish BJU still had a few more family-style meals a year--it helps you learn table manners.

But it's a challenge to seat, serve, and feed 2500 students all at once.

This created a nervous ripple of laughter and applause, but nothing more. Period.) Reality: BJU does require dormitory students and most staff members to attend Sunday morning services on campus.