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Of course the fundamental change is in the use of light alloy cylinder barrels presenting a number of advantages which will be certainly appreciated by customers.

In our research and development centre situated in Prague work is, of course, going on not only on other improvements, but on motorcycles of on entirely new concept.

But I think it is too early to speak concretely about such development trends.

Cars were out of the question as it was the time of spiraling oil prices due to OPEC reducing production and the headlines in the local press were Police cars limited to 80 Miles Per Day (and no high speed chases).

So, the village bobby was still going to be mounted on a motorcycle So it was that during 1972/3, Kingstons Motorcycles, of Nottingham, had six JAWA 592s re-sprayed black, fitted them with a carrier, top box and a pair of slim-line panniers, and they were pressed into service to replace the ageing BSA's.

Of course, in the course of years it was mainly the manufacture that had utterly changed.

Nowadays JAWA makes five times as many motorcycles as before the Second World War, when it was in the private ownership of the manufacturer Janecek. Just for the sake of illustration: In 1966, 71,000 complete motor cycles had been manufactured by JAWA, this year it will be 97,000.

In 1963, production was transferred from Prague to Tynec nad Szavou, when to the existing buildings a large assembly hall had been added.

As the factory buildings were being updated so was steady development of the final product taking place.

I unearthed a photograph recently of one, PC Geoff Hamill, Jawa CZ enthusiast and former Head Lad of the Doncaster branch of the Club.

The photograph is of Geoff posing in his riding kit alongside his newly acquired Police motorcycle which had been purchased for him by the good people in the villages on his beat in South Yorkshire, who felt sorry for him having to use a bicycle and wanted to ease his load.

One officer on a motorcycle could take on the beat of several!