Start Updating to pocket pc 2016

Updating to pocket pc 2016

If you like the HP Pavilion 300-230 mini-PC, buy you think it’s too expensive, you could buy the HP Pavilion 300-240 for almost half the price.

With all these features, you may be wondering how big it is: 1.36″ x 7.20″ x 7.05″ / 34.5 x 182.9 x 179 cm, weighing only 1.3 lbs /0.6 kg.

This mini-PC comes with audacious specs for its size.

The main downside is represented by the task limitation they impose, with very few exceptions.

You cannot use a mini-PC to edit videos of photos because the results will not be satisfying.

Compared to regular desktop PCs, mini-PCs are cheaper, they run on less power, have eye-catching design and don’t take as much space on your desk.

Mini-PCs can also be customized for specific performance.

Instead, it scales up the Windows 10 mobile OS and apps on the phone to look like the full Windows 10.

With that in mind, you can't run any old Windows 10 apps like you would on your Windows 10 PC.

Unlike other devices, it has been tested to military specifications against high temperatures, vibrations and shocks.

This mini-PC will be just fine even if your three-year old drops it to the ground.

Lenovo‘s dust shield reduces dust intake by nearly 40%.