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I will be in London Less now so catch me at Heathrow when u can!

I'm looking forward to seeing lil Wayne and meeting all my bbw girlfriends its going to be a blast!

really funny You can watch the trailer on You Tube.

TVX a political spoof called Hardbrexxit is out now!

It dropped on Election Day so current and people are finding it just what they need after this election it's been featured in all the Newspapers lots of websites and on Vice and TV show The Last Leg now that's pretty amazing lol Hey Cookie Monsters Some of you might not know I do some Acting as well as being a Photographer & Model I have been lucky enough to be in my second music Video now The Second video I'm in now! I had the best time and made some good friends check there music videos out its fucking awesome & hilarious it should go viral like most of there videos :)LIVING FOR THE WEEKEND MODESTEP featured on Youtube Also check out there Spotify I'm now a Modestep groupie its official lol I'm Living for the weekend ru?