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The Fiddler returns to face the Vigilante again in this Cameron/Meskin/Paris story.

A collision of two stars in space sends cosmic radiation towards the Earth.

When it reaches the planet, Superman is literally knocked off his feet by it.

This story has Americommando’s greatest challenge, to steal plans that Hitler carries on himself at all times.

The Dummy is now part of an act, with two other identically dressed men – or are they actually dummies?

There were no big dramatic changes with the cycle, more like small modifications from issue to issue, which will eventually create his famous cycle. Congo Bill has left Africa to fight the Nazis again, in this story by Samachason and Smalle. A man, who must have particularly good hearing, realizes that Zatara is speaking backwards to cast his spells.

There is another interesting deathtrap, an electric bed, which Vigilante and Stuff get tied to. From having all manner of magic abilities early in his run, his repertoire has reduced and stabilized to the backwards talking by this point.

In fact, though he was drafted into the service, Schmelling was not a Nazi, and even risked his life to save two Jewish children.