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Sky UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sky plc, with its current company directors being Andrew Griffith and Christopher Taylor.

ITV also asked the Office of Fair Trading to investigate since it believed Rupert Murdoch's media empire via its newspapers had influenced the deal.

Following a lengthy legal battle with the European Commission, which deemed the exclusivity of the rights to be against the interests of competition and the consumer, BSky B's monopoly came to an end from the 2007–08 season.

homes that watch television other than the traditional analogue terrestrial), and over half of these homes watched television using BSky B's analogue service.

BSky B's digital service surpassed the analogue service in terms of subscribers in late 1999.

In May 2006, the Irish broadcaster Setanta Sports was awarded two of the six Premier League packages that the English FA offered to broadcasters. In February 2015, Sky bid £4.2bn for a package of 120 premier league games across the three seasons from 2016.

This represented an increase of 70% on the previous contract and was said to be £1bn more than the company had expected to pay.

which helped BSky B reach 3.5 million households by mid-1994.

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