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Obviously, the next question would be: why are Anglican priests allowed to become Catholic priests and bring their wives over whilst Catholic priests have to resign in order to get married?! We are of the opinion that people should start asking for married priests now in order that Pope Francis might say yes. Most of the people who would call for married priests are unchurched (not going to church any more).

It angers me that many of the women mentioned had or were raising children, but didn’t have a pension or retirement for themselves.

You don’t have to opt out of it for life as so many of these women in the NYT article do. What I got out of the article is that older women are not so much choosing to be single as they just are becoming single.

Click here to read the article if you have a NYT subscription. I think there are a lot of dynamics at play, but considering that the older men get, the younger the age of the women they want to date and marry, it makes sense that there would be fewer (eligible) men available to marry older women.

But he wants the people to ask for it in their diocese (the geographical place where a bishop and his priests/nuns etc.together). Let’s take it as a challenge or if we wish to, as a lent exercise for this year! Now we either go for married priests or risk of loosing more parishes which would be without the Eucharist.