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Hot hookups no credit cards

In 2013, the company was the first to offer Ti Vo Mini.

I have filed a complaint with the FCC but this is also a waste of time.

Next step is to write to the Head of the FCC and CEO of Suddenlink.

As far as I am concerned, you owe my mother and me some credit for all the hassle your company caused us. 2- I was offered the “switch -up ” offer and instructed to email my final direct bill to take advantage of you paying my termination fee. Reply I have been a subscriber to Suddenlink for a number of years.

Reply I am a current customer of Suddenlink in Lake Charles LA. I last spoke to a Chris id # 111062 and he advised me that he will take care of this Reply Seriously thinking of going to the news people and to small claims court about filling a lawsuit against sudden link and getting a petition started for deliberately and falsely hurting customers in West Virginia for bogus payments and advance and outstanding fees. Reply Telling me I owe 361.00 and I only owe 180 .90 on my bill according to a phone call which needs to be opened and investigated by the representative talking about I don’t owe anything get my bill and jumped to 361.00 bill added with another month in advance need peace of mind now. During this time I have had a series of price increases despite the fact that the service has continued to decline.

Suddenlink often suggests sending a technician to my home to investigate, so far they never find a problem.

I believe that Suddenlink is fraudulently charging me for a service the choose not to provide.

This has been the WORSE customer service experience I have ever had. Saying I owes 564_ this is crazy in west Virginia mentally and physically draining me with more money to pay I need some resolution to my bill and an investigation on the recording of the customer representative who told me my bill was,paid Sudden link is the worst ever. Today I am paying for 50 Mbps and when I check the speed, it is typically 30 Mbps and sometimes as low as 5 Mbps.

I need someone to get back with me immediately or I will take this to legal. When I call Suddenlink to report the issue the tech service is so poor and un-informed.

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I called and said I just received, it was impossible to get it there that day.