Start Jake mcdorman and sara paxton dating

Jake mcdorman and sara paxton dating

Despite the narrative awkwardness and abuses heaped on Cecilia, Aquamarine is full of nice little surprises.

(The DVD includes six semi-explanatory feaurettes focused on just such concerns, each running five or six minutes, that pretty much offer what their titles suggest: "Awesome Auditions," "Mermaid Makeover," "It's All About the Fashion," and "Aqua Squeal," in which Paxton demonstrates more than once the dolphin-inspired noise she makes.) Here's what this movie does very, very well.

Not only does it skillfully negotiate differences between boys and girls of a certain age; it also respects bonds between girls, framing this threeway friendship as more engaging than any summertime movie romance.

Tough they do ogle boys and imagine dreamy "dates," they're clearly kids: curious, melodramatic, and smart, sometimes overstimulated and way too influenced by the media culture all around them. Their longtime friendship is about to be broken up by the fact that Hailey's marine biologist mom is moving them to (of all places) Australia.