Start Dating grannies

Dating grannies

In hamon’s free-to-play smartphone title, it features several million-year-old grannies that can probably fix you a nice treat with one hand, while bench-pressing you with the other.

Now retired, the “Grannies” were once corporate and government leaders in the ’70s.

“They now live the retired high life traveling to exotic and remote areas within Africa to explore, party and enjoy in exclusivity,” Osborne Macharia, the photographer who created the women’s portraits tells us.

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“We managed to catch up with three of them in Somalia soon after they landed.

Little is known about them till now….” Macharia is a young Nairobi-based photographer and digital artist who’s becoming well known for his personal projects as well as for his commercial work.

“Once you see the inner beauty — put them behind a camera, light them properly, give them the necessary accessories — then there’s a whole new beauty.” In other words, it doesn’t matter how old we are, we can all look like Vogue models if the thought’s gone into the shoot and — more important still — a whole crew of artists has spent the day helping us feel comfortable in our own skin.

Watch the transformation: Osborne released his Nyanye Project in time for International Women’s Day.

One point of the narrative, the photographer says, is to shake up our preconceptions.

“You would see someone who’s ordinary looking and just brush them off,” Macharia told the BBC.

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