Start Ruby amqp updating client properties

Ruby amqp updating client properties

UPDATED 2008-11-12: Adjusted Failover section below (additions in italic) based on a thread on rabbit-discuss.

It is integrated, tested, and supported by Red Hat for Enterprise customers.

With Apache Qpid we strive to wrap an intuitive and easy to use messaging API around the AMQP model to handle as much of the complexity as possible (while still allowing you access to the nuts and bolts when you really need it), so that you can build highly performant and scalable applications with integrated messaging quickly and easily.

To handle that a new accessor - In order to keep backward compatibility for 0-10, the Address constructor still does the transformation, but applications that want to be able to switch to 1.0 should use these new accessors to obtain the correct address for setting AMQP 1.0 can be used over SSL, however the messaging client does not use an AMQP negotiated security layer for that purpose.