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Sex dating in west allis wisconsin

We're cruising in and around an area known as Walnut Hill -- one of the more dangerous neighborhoods in the city -- and we are looking for prostitutes.

In late June, Olson observed a group of officers from District Six during an afternoon undercover sting operation in a prostitution "hot spot" that runs from 21st St. Bill Potterton, who oversaw the District Six operation.

(In order to protect identities of undercover officers, On won't use the last names or in some cases the real first names of some officers mentioned in this story. Tom Welch didn't mind being identified.) "Just about any time you drive through this area, you'll see prostitutes on the street and guys out looking for prostitutes." Although prostitution is often linked to drug use and other more violent crimes, it seems to rank lower on the public awareness meter / priority scale. Following a three-month period in which Milwaukee police arrested more than 14,000 people, confiscated 752 guns and seized 37 pounds of cocaine this summer, Chief Nan Hegerty recently spoke of a "societal crisis" in the central city.

"We're looking to have a little party at our place over on the East Side. "Uncertain what is going to happen and not wanting to screw up a potential arrest, I slide my left hand under my leg so Shauna can't see my wedding ring. Detective Dan engages Shauna in a discussion / negotiation.