Start Problems with consolidating student loans

Problems with consolidating student loans

And while there are lots of companies that operate in this space, there is only one company who I completely trust to get the job done right: the Private Student Loan Relief Helpline.

For details on how to use the Corinthian forgiveness program, make sure to visit my page about it here.

Read my page about the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment process for additional details on how this excellent program works.

But do keep in mind that it can take literally years to hear back about your application, so it’s important that you don’t screw it up on your first attempt, and you’ll want to pay someone like the Helpline for assistance to increase the odds of receiving an approval.

In fact, after you’ve figured out which program you want to pursue, I’d recommend reading my page about Student Loan Forgiveness Scams to make sure you know how to spot a scam before you get nailed.