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I don’t like that (beep) like, ‘So, what are you looking for and how long have you been single?

The nervous folks at the Parents Television Council certainly did; they issued a statement condemning Mc Donald’s for sponsoring such obvious filth.

It has been widely noticed, by everyone from die-hard nudists to occasional gym-goers, that there isn’t much sexy about being naked in a nonsexual situation.

And dating, at least as practiced by these folks, is decidedly unsexy.

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She is a classic reality-show ringer—outrageous, sweary, and likely an aspiring actress.

Walking in the jungle, she mumbles, “This is like the beginning of a bad porno.” She’s bound for the zip line, but pauses to mock the very conventions of the show: “This is my version of getting to know somebody.

But this is light cable TV, suitable, as the show’s rating tells us, for anyone over fifteen: the bodies are mostly waxed and safely blurred, and the bad words bleeped.